We Made It part 1

We Made It part 1

Well we made it! We are settling into our new home in California!

We left Tuesday afternoon and drove to Atlanta. We stayed the night and flew out early Wednesday morning.

We woke up a little later than we hoped, but I was shocked at how smooth everything turned out! We woke up a little after 5AM. Josh loaded the rental car as I dressed and fed the kids. They both woke up in great moods, which is kind of a big deal if you know Auggie. We then jumped in the car and headed to the airport.

Josh had to return the rental. We checked our bags and Auggie’s carseat. Then I took August, Harris, Harris’s carseat and a backpack through security. Josh was going to return the rental and meet me at our gate with Ellie, Ellie’s carseats and four more bags.

We seriously rocked it. I had a monkey leash thing for Auggie and carried Harris in a ring sling. Getting through security was basically a breeze! So many people helped me out! August was doing amazing and Harris was sleeping hard.

We had several people offer a hand and a few people gave us complaints.
One was a lady that ended up being from San Francisco. Turns out we were on the same flight!

Our gate was, of course, as far away as possible. I was so pumped and pleased with myself and my boys that I didn’t even care! I navigated through the huge airport and made it to our gate! Auggie walked into a sign and bashed his head, but besides that, everything went great! I was strutting! I had this whole adult mom thing covered! How could I have doubted myself?!

As soon as they announced they were boarding, Josh and Ellie showed up. Perfect timing!! Poor Josh was pouring sweat. He had Ellie in the Tula with four bags and her HUGE carseat.

He left the bags and the boys with me and took Ellie and the carseats. I wanted to board last second. I realized I couldn’t carry all the bags. They wouldn’t let me take the boys to Josh and come back for them so a worker reluctantly offered a hand. I had no choice but to accept. She rolled her eyes and grabbed all my huge bags. Seriously. They were pack to the BRIM! Sorry! As she made a huge deal about how heavy they were, we walked all the way to our seats.

August was so excited! He loved watching the planes! Everything made him burst with joy.

There were two rows of three seats.
August sat by the window; Harris sat in the middle in his carseat; I sat in the aisle.

We had planned for Josh to sit in the aisle seat beside me, and Ellie in the middle with a seat by the window for whatever poor soul booked that seat. Things got switched because apparently a carseat is not allowed to block a non family member.

So Ellie had a window seat with Josh beside her. A poor teenage boy sat in the aisle seat. This is literally a nightmare situation for any teenage boy. August did awesome for a majority of the flight. Harris slept most the time. Ellie, however, was a force to be reckoned with. Our flight was FIVE HOURS. Ellie doesn’t get into shows or tablet games. Her attention span is approximately .056 seconds.

The whole time Josh had to constantly entertain this fussy girl. Snacks, coloring, snacks, looking out the window, snacks, reading books, snacks…

The poor guy tried to sleep and finally just gave up and put on a movie on his phone. Meanwhile Josh is asking him to get up for diaper changes, reaching over him to hand me snacks, books, toys, tablets and anything else I needed. I had to take a few bathroom breaks so I had to reach over him to hand Josh the baby. Josh asked him to get up probably 50 times.

I kept trying to make eye contact to apologize, but he would never look at me! Finally towards the end of our flight, I got his attention! I begged his forgiveness and thanked him for not making any rude comments. Thankfully he was SUPER sweet and we made some small talk.

Josh definitely had it harder than I did. I actually got to READ on the plane. I couldn’t believe it! My pastor John and his wife Teri gave me a book for my birthday. It is amazing. I have cried three times so far. It is about a missionary who left home for China in the early 1900’s. His fear of leaving his home and family, his home sickness once he left, his desire to follow God but feeling like there was nothing special about him that could be useful, were all things I could relate to. I was so thankful for the encouragement the book gave me.

The woman I met in the airport stopped by my seat and said hi! We made small talk and somehow got on the subject of church. She asked if I found one yet. I told her my plan of trying a few out. The seatbelt light came on and she returned to her seat and told me we could talk more once we landed.

After five long hours we finally landed. Everything was going so smoothly. Our flight was a little chaotic, but it was actually not bad at all! (Except for maybe the teenage guy). Things were going great! I was SO ready to take our California adventure head on! Nothing could bring me down! Or so I thought…


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