We Made It part 2

We Made It part 2

We were the last to get off the plane.
We had SO much stuff to gather.

We finally made it to the baggage claim.
After waiting for about 20 mins, Josh had to go get our rental car. He took Ellie and most our carry ons as I waited with the boys for our luggage. As we were figuring things out, my friend from the plane walked up to say hi! She gave me her name, number, and email address. We started chatting after Josh left.

August was doing great up til this point. It lunch and nap time. Once he realized Daddy was leaving… He. Flipped. Out.

“Mom, I want to go with Daddy!!
Where is he going??
I have to go pee!
No! I want Daddy to take me! NOOOOTTT YOOOOUUU!!
I want a peanut butter and jelly.

My new friend was trying to distract him.

It was no use.

Where was our luggage??? We had been waiting for about 45 minutes at this point.

Josh was still getting the rental and my phone was at 8% of battery.

After an additional 15 minutes, the bags started coming.
Josh came through the pick up line and we loaded up the car. Auggie fell instantly to sleep along with Ellie.

We were headed to our new house!

We got the keys and everything looked great!

We grabbed some Chipotle and headed to see our family!

Cheyenne and Oliver were only ten minutes away. We were so excited to see them! They welcomed us to their apartment.

Caleb got off work early to help Josh move our stuff in. Josh went to get the moving truck, Caleb and our stuff! It was getting close to 3PM, which is 6PM NC time. The kids were starting to wear down.

Ellie was throwing fits and coloring on Chey and Caleb’s TV with crayons. Auggie was crying over everything, and I was exhausted, holding Harris.
But it’s OK, because we would be home soon enough!

Then Josh walked through the door..?

“I have bad news.”

Our stuff was not here yet! It was not going to get here for at least another 3 hours! Plus it takes an hour to get to the pod and an hour to load the stuff. The earliest we could have our stuff to our new house was 8pm! But the kids were still on EST. So, really it was like we wouldn’t get our stuff until 11pm.

We had to figure something else out.

We checked hotels. Everything was *way* expensive.

We decided to buy a bed for us (we had to anyway) and buy some air mattresses for the kids so we could stay the night at the house.

Caleb and Josh hunted for a mattress while the kids and I stayed with Chey and Oliver.

Josh’s phone was dead and the kids were BREAKING down.

Netflix wasn’t working anymore.

Plus it was dinner time and they pretty much wiped out all of Cheyenne’s fruit and cereal.

They still didn’t have a mattress!

I decided to brave the unknown and go to Whole Foods for dinner, alone.

Not true.

I wasn’t alone.

I decided to go alone WITH a newborn and two hungry sleepy toddlers.

Also, I have never been alone with three kids outside my house except to get batteries.

Josh begged me not to go, but I really felt it was the best option.

By the time he got a mattress and picked us up, it would have been past dinner and bed time.

Whole foods was only 0.5 miles down the road. I could do this.

I loaded up the kids.
So far, so good.

I got in the driver’s seat.

I had this.

It was dark outside. I need to turn on the headlights.

OK. Headlights.

Wheeerreeee is the button?

I couldn’t figure out how to turn the lights on in the rental! I was opening automatic doors, flipping on blinkers and windshield wipers. All the while the kids we screaming from the back seat,
“GooooooOoooOo mommy!! GooOoooOoooo!!!!”

I started sobbing.
“I can’t turn the lights on, sweetie.”

“Just press the button!!!!!”

Thanks for the help, August.

Finally I took a deep breath, found the lights and headed to the store.

Of course it started raining.

You would think that I would know where the wipers were considering I literally pushed every button to find the lights.


I got it!

And turned into Whole Foods with ease!

“Are you ready to get ice cream and pizza?!” I asked the kids.

“Wooo! Yeah!!”

I grabbed a great spot and things were looking up!

I grabbed the kids, loaded Harry in the ring sling, and we were off!

Ellie saw strawberries.


I was so done. If she wanted strawberries, that was a-OK with me.

“Strawberries, honey? SURE!!”

We walked on.

Hey look! Izzie soda’s.
“Guys! You want soda’s?!”


In the cart they went.

We got pizza, ice cream, and pretty much anything else they wanted.
Things were going great! I had six people come up to me and tell me I was basically Wonder Woman.

And you know what?! I darn well felt like it! I was across the country with these wonderful children of mine! I had never been out alone for longer then 5 mins with all the kids. We were doing great! How could I have EVER doubted myse-


Where was my wallet..

It was back in the diaper bag. You know, the one I unloaded at our new house.


I called Josh and he was on the way to bring me money.

It was like the kids knew I was stuck.

“Out! Out!”, yelled Eloise.

“I want ice cream and soda nooOooOoow!!”, whined Auggie.

Almost done! Almost there! I could see the finish line! Josh arrived and gave me a soft kiss.
“I am so amazed by you.” He said with a smile.

“Do NOT say that yet. I am on a FINE LINE, babe. A mighty fine line!”

He smiled and kissed me again, giving me a card *and* a back up card.

We checked out and headed home to meet Josh and Caleb.
As we pulled up I saw the mattress was unloaded.
As they went to take it in Josh searched for the house keys. Where were they..?

Oh yeah! They were all the way back at Caleb and Cheyenne’s house.


Caleb generously offered to get them for us.

The kids were alseep.

We still didn’t have blow up mattress, or sheets, or blankets. Off to Target we went.

I was so overwhelmed. The day started off so smoothly. Now it felt like everything was going wrong. As soon as Josh left the van to go into Target, I lost it. Why did I do this? This was the worst mistake ever. I felt alone and tired. Did I put words into God’s mouth? It’s too late to do anything now!
I nursed Harris and pondered that last sentence.
It’s too late.
I am here.
I am stuck.

Suddenly I remembered the verse I have been praying over for months.
Whatever is true.. and worthy of praise, dwell on these things.

The fact was, we did have a home to go to. A roof. A heater. We had food. We had money. We had each other. I took comfort in knowing these things. And more comfort in know that the Lord wanted me to dwell on these things. I was reminded at how sweet the Lord’s love is to me. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I felt grateful. He has given me so much. He even gave me His love.

I looked down at my little babe as Josh opened the door.

Harris flashed me a huge smile! It was the first time I saw him smile.
“Josh look!”

We stared.

“Do it again, Harris.”

He looked up and another huge coo and smile spread across his face!

The highlight of our day.

We got home to find Caleb had brought the mattress in and set it up. He also brought toilet paper, pillows, blankets and other random things he thought we might need.


We got no sleep, but that’s OK.

We have been here four days. The first day was obviously trying, but every other day has been wonderful! The kids have been amazing! They have adjusted to the time change. They love the house and yard. We explored a lot today and are loving having our Levinson family so close!

img_20170226_141659 A note on our door from Cheyenne and Oliver.

download_20170226_204446 download_20170226_204454 A look at our new house!download_20170226_204502 Kids enjoying looking out the window at our front yard.

5 thoughts on “We Made It part 2

  1. Thanks for the blogs. They are entertaining and encouraging . Glad to hear the book was helpful ! By the way , I asked your husband to tell me about your church experience, but surprise , I haven’t heard from him . Maybe something for a future blog ? Or a personal message because I want details on what went on. Or you can tell Josh to respond to my text !

  2. I just found your blog, girl! Whaaa?! So you have been a closet writer all this time! I see a book coming… I want to pre-order a signed one from your first big release! 🙂 We “tired mommas” totally relate to every word in your story. Thanks for your great updates. Keep ’em coming in all your spare time! <3

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