Our New Normal

Our New Normal

Last week was our first normal week; we finally started figuring out our routine. I have been looking forward to this since we got here.

I have to say–it went SOOOOOOO much better then I imagined it.

Now, I know I am only barely in my second week as I write this, but to have 5 straight days of greatness… Yeah, I am pretty impressed.

Okay, greatness may have a different meaning to you. To me it simply means I had less than 3 moments where I thought I was losing it. I chose to put myself in time out instead of letting the mom volcano erupt. And my kids survived.

Ellie did eat one dish soap packet that you put in the dish washer, BUT she did survive!

We picked a great town to live in.

The traffic is great. Everyone here is SUPER friendly. When I go out people are constantly telling me that I am like a super hero because I have three small children and how “together” I seem to be. People have literally said that to me.




They somehow ignored the rice cakes and crackers I shove in their faces with the high hopes of getting out the door with out a toddler on the ground flailing. Though I know the truth, I can’t help but admit that the constant compliments are a huge pick-me-up… From what I’ve noticed, most people here usually have 2–sometimes 3–kids. Their age gaps are 3-4 plus years. That is a big gap compared to each of my kids only being 20 months apart.

Our town is also great because Josh’s brother and his family live 5 mins down the road. Literally. Cheyenne is the blessing I hoped she would be. We have had several little adventures this past week! It has been so nice to watch the cousins play as we talk about any and everything. She has already helped me with the kids *and* cleaned my house. I am beyond thankful that we are stuck together as family for life! She is a great friend to have.

I have learned a few tricks. If I follow these rules, my day seems to always turn out as lovely as the choas will let it:

1. I must spend some alone time with the Lord each morning.

Sometimes it is just a few minutes; a short heartfelt prayer and a few verses to dwell on. Even that short time can make all the difference! I start off the day humbled and excited to serve. Most the time… 😉

2. I must take my vitamins.

If I don’t I get way tired. I would like to take this time to thank my mother for pushing me to take them. I publicly admit that she was right. haha

3. August must nap.

End of story.

4. No phone

I do not go on social media unless it is nap time or I am communicating with someone. I noticed I kept getting frustrated with the kids because they were interrupting me while I was doing something on Facebook. I felt so saddened at myself. I already have a temper–so if social media was adding to that, it had to go.

5. As soon as nap time is over I start prepping dinner.

They usually wake up at 3. That gives me three hours to prep and cook. It seems like a lot of time, but it helps so much. No one is hungry, so I feel no hurry. The kids get to help which makes them happy. That last 3 hour stretch is the longest for me. I usually start counting down the mins ’til my sweet husbands return so I can embrace him and hand him the baby! Seriously though. If dinner is all prepped, all I have to do is turn on the oven and stove as soon as we are ready. I can hang with everyone while stirring every once and a while. Cuts meltdowns in half.

and lastly:

6. The house is barely a priority.

Not to say I don’t try to clean up, but I REFUSE to let it stress me out. I do a few 15 min quick clean ups a day and one after bed time. The house not being clean can put me into major stress mode. And–if you have a bad temper–stress = yelling. I don’t want to be a mom who yells. If the house is a little messy, that’s ok.If it is a lot messy, that’s ok too. This is just a season in my life. I will keep a clean house most of the time in another season… Maybe.

I am thankful for my kids. They really are GOOD kids. I am really proud to be their mom. Even though I do have to lock myself in the bathroom a few times to eat a carton of ice cream for some therapy.



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