I Hate Dating

I Hate Dating

If you know me at all, you know that I am an extreme extrovert that loves people. One of my favorite things to do it to chat it up with moms about life, kids, silly things, hard things, husbands, plans, dreams… the list goes on.
I have lived in my sweet hometown my whole life. It was fairly simple for me to make friends. Everyone knows most everyone else or is related to someone I know.
For the first time in my life I am having to make friends with complete strangers.
Not only is everyone complete strangers to me, but everyone is from somewhere different. You truly see the “melting pot” here. I love it! But it is intimidating.

I feel like I am having all these weird dating experiences.

For example:

Me and the kids ordered pizza and picked Josh up from the train. From there we headed to the park and ate. After we were done we hung out for a bit and had some fun at the playground. A hour or so later, Josh gathered the kids to leave. Two women walked past me and noticed Harris in my wrap. One of the two started chatting with me. We talked about how old Harris was, how many kids we had, how we love nap times, and the struggles of remaining calm while kids wreck the house.
By this point, Josh walks up with the kids.
I panicked. I started thinking how nice our conversation was. Should I ask for her number? What I was being too forward? What if she wasn’t enjoying the conversation as much as I was? What if she already has plenty of friends? Ok, I am just being silly now. What is the harm of just asking for someone’s number?
I said, “I guess we are heading out.”
She smiled and said, “Well, hopefully I will see you around!”
I blanked.
“I am sure we will!” I said awkwardly and turned away quickly.
As we walked to get our stuff, my right hand man said, “Summer, why didn’t you get her number?? She clearly wanted to hang out with you. It was obvious she was hoping to see you again.”
I explained how I blanked out and didn’t know what to say.
“Summer. Go back over there and ask for her number.”
“No, babe. It is too late now. I missed my chance.”
“No it’s not! Come on. Go ask.”
“I am not going to go ask! That is awkward! Come on, let’s just go.”
“I am not leaving until you go ask for her number.”

At this point, Auggie has to pee.
Josh took him to the potty and I thought maybe I had another chance!
I made my way over to the playground. I wanted our paths to cross without making it look to obvious.

It was too late. She and her husband were packed up and leaving before I could reach her.

I laughed on the way home at how silly I was. It took me back to my dating days! Trying to decipher signs. Acting like my schedule was full when I was free because I didn’t want to look open. I remember trying to cross paths with Josh so he would say hi to me because I didn’t was afraid to make the first move.
How totally ridiculous.
I am an adult woman who is terrified to ask for a fellow mom’s number.
When I meet someone new I wonder if she will be, “the one”.
I don’t know if it is just me, but whenever I try to make mom friends, I feel like a guy gathering up the courage to ask some hot babe out.

I realize this is some great character building for me right now. I am too daggum tired to pretend like I have some sort of pride in me.

I am married now. I am done with the dating games.
From this point on I am bringing out the bluntness.
Worst case scenario, someone makes some excuse not to give me her number.
Best case, we become good friends.

Here’s to stepping out of my comfort zone by being honest and open.
We, as moms, are all in this together anyway!
Let’s hope the awkwardness dies down in time.

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