Fun in Santa Cruz

Fun in Santa Cruz

Last week we decided to venture out of the “Bay Area” and explore a little more of California. I had planned to go north, but the forecast was rain all week. Instead, we headed down south to a city called Santa Cruz. It is only about an hour south of us, so not too bad of a drive.

Santa Cruz has some pretty iconic spots. The Boardwalk is one; the rollercoaster called “The Dipper” is also pretty well known. There’s also the natural bridges, which are awesome.

Adventure #1: TulaRoo Tour

There happened to be a babywearing dance class in Santa Cruz the week of our trip. I have always wanted to do one, so–needless to say–I signed up! They were even giving away a Free to Grow Tula! For those of you who don’t know, a Free to Grow Tula is a new amazing baby carrier. I may be *slightly* obsessed with wearing my kids around, but we won’t get into that…


Harris and I headed to the class after lunch.


I learned a few things about myself. Let me rephrase–I confirmed a few things about myself.

  1. I love to dance.
  2. I can’t dance.

I have no rhythm. I overthink all the moves–which causes me to forget the routine. I still had tons of fun!

I NEVER win raffles or anything of that sort, so I didn’t let my self go for that reason. I went to have fun, and I did–it was such a great experience!  It was great to dance, but even more so to giggle along with a group of moms and their babies. After the class was complete, the instructor called out the winning number: 415! I looked at my number. 4…1…5…




This may not seem like a big deal to those of you who are not in the babywearing world, but most mommas will get my excitement!

Plus, I have won one thing in my life. ONE. Do you know how many contests I have entered? 9384025693827692876. Now….I have won TWO things!

Happy momma right here, folks! It’s a dream. I literally screamed when my number was called.


Adventure #2: Redwood Forest

The next day we headed to the Redwoods.

Oh. My. Gosh.

I am so madly in love with redwood forest. I think I could go a million times and never get tired of it. The trees are beautiful. The smell of the earth is glorious. The view of my kids running through the trails, burning enough energy to fall asleep as soon as they get in the car…it brings a tear to my eye.


It is just like walking through Lothlórien–magical.

Adventure #3: Monterey Bay Aquarium

We had to head to the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium. EVERYONE talks about it. Even Josh’s co-workers. The kids LOVED it. They had a whole kids area that–of course–had clown fish and blue tang. Ellie saw the tank they were in, and you would have thought Ellen Degeneres herself walked through the door. Eloise screamed at the top of her lungs, “DORY! NEMOOOOOO!” She bolted to the tank and SHOVED kids out of the way. I was so embarrassed. She was straight up KNOCKING kids over. Thankfully the moms of the poor kids couldn’t even be mad because Ellie’s reaction was so hilarious. It wasn’t long before August shoved his way over yelling,” MOM! IT’S NEMO AND HIS DAD! AND DOORRYYY!”



Adventure #4: Natural Bridges

Our last stop was the natural bridges.

It was a little chilly there, but a beautiful sight nonetheless. The massive “bridges” were amazing to see. The kids took no notice, but loved playing in the sand. We got ice cream for dinner. I can’t decided if that makes us awesome parents, or terrible parents.

Let’s just go with awesome this time..

It was quite the adventure, and I am excited for our next trip–Yosemite!

Am I out of my mind to want to go camping with a 4 year old, 2 year old, and 6 month old?

4 thoughts on “Fun in Santa Cruz

  1. OHHHH! You are making me homesick for California and I haven’t wanted to go back since I left in 1993! But you are going to all the places I LOVE! Especially Santa Cruz! Went there every summer (many times a summer) all my years in CA and I do miss that! And yes, the Redwoods! And the lack of humidity! I do miss those things! So glad you guys are getting to see the wonderful parts! And Monterey Bay! Yep! Good stuff! Miss you guys so flippin’ much!!!!!!

  2. Oh, Summer, I don’t think you ever saw this comment that I put on your Facebook post, so I thought I would re-post here…

    I hate so much that I was sick and did not get to come to church your last Sunday or the thing at the Fariss’ the week before! I did not want to get you sick right before your big move and it was a terrible flu! But I didn’t even get to say goodbye! 😔On the other hand, I’m enjoying seeing all your pics and saying again and again “I’ve been there!” 😍
    I was thinking about y’all this morning when we had our first Easter without y’all! How much you are missed! We miss Josh up up on the stage during worship and your smiling face brightening the room each Sunday! You are in our prayers, tho!

    1. Gloria! It broke my heart that so many people were sick around the time we left. There was a lot of people we didn’t get to say goodbye to for that reason. I was very thankful that we didn’t catch anything. I was terrified enough of the long awful plane ride, but the thought of the kids being sick over it.. ew
      It will just make our next hello so much sweeter! 🙂
      We always have a spare bedroom if you want to visit your old stomping grounds. 😉

      1. Yes, that is exactly why I stayed away. A couple people said just go and say goodbye, anyway. It will be fine. But then I thought about you and those three little ones on that long trip AND one or more of them being sick with that terrible flu…traveling with little ones is hard enough…I just could not do it! Or you get there and are just settling in to a new place trying to get them used to a new environment and on top of that they get this flu…NOPE, just could not do it. I decided the best way to love you and say goodbye well was to stay away…but I broke my heart to do so!💔 Bigtime! I just wanted to make sure you knew that nothing else could have kept me away from saying goodbye to you guys. I loved y’all enough to stay away. Miss you guys like crazy! Praying for you, sweet thing! 😍

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