A Busy May

A Busy May

Hello, friends!

May is always a busy month for us. We have 6 birthdays, 2 anniversaries, and 2 holidays!

My favorite daughter had her second birthday last month! She is currently obsessed with Minnie Mouse. If a little kid is wearing a Minnie Mouse shirt, she will grab them by the shirt and yell, “MINNIE MOUSE!”. After I pry her hands off, she will follow them around, pointing and telling me, “MINNIE MOUSE SHIRT. My Minnie Mouse shirt…” This has happened more than once…or twice.

Well, the best GranGran got her a Minnie Mouse costume; of course, she had to wear it on her birthday!

A Busy May

She and Daddy had a hot date.

We had a party the following Saturday. We went strawberry picking, because this girl loves food–like her momma! She inhaled those fresh strawberries! Cake was followed by her favorite dish–burritos.

A Busy May 10

This is Ellie in a nutshell:

She loves food. By food, I mean: carbs, gummies, sugar, beans, fruit, and carrots. And burritos.

She knows no strangers. She will walk by a stranger, rub their leg, look up and smile at them, and then walk away. We were at the zoo the other day. There was a lady minding her own business on a bench. Eloise crawled up and snuggled into her side. The woman giggled and asked if she was comfortable. She said nothing–only looked up and smiled. Then she hopped down and went on her way.

She is very motherly. She is always looking to help and comfort. If a kid is crying on the playground, she will rush over, get on their level by crouching or laying on the ground, and say, “You ok?” or “What happened?” or “Shh shh. It’s ok.”. This is one of my favorite things about her. She does this every time a kid cries.

She doesn’t hide her joy! If she is happy she has to release is somehow. Screaming, laughing, prancing, shaking, or all of the above. If she is happy, you can’t help but smile because her reactions are so extreme.

Two is looking good on this girl!

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  1. This is a BEAUTIFUL post! Summer, your family is so wonderful 🙂 I love hearing about Ellie like this, and I loved the previous post of Auggie’s camera shots!!! <3

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