Beginners Guide to Soul’s AnoonA

Beginners Guide to Soul’s AnoonA

It is no secret that I am a babywearing enthusiast. It is so important in my life that it’s hard not to be passionate about it.

Recently a great new carrier hit the market: AnoonA, by Soul Slings. I have been extremely eager to get my hands on this carrier to test it out. AnoonA is a SSC (Soft Structured Carrier); it is adjustable and fits a wide range of body types. It also adjusts to the age of your little one. This carrier will fit your little one from newborn to toddlerhood! The weight limit is 7-44 lbs (3.2-20kg)!

AnoonA is pronounced “Uh-Noon-Aa”; it’s a Kannada word and translates literally to “without flaw”. Although this phrase is rarely used, it is seen as an expression of love. What a great name for a carrier to enjoy endless snuggles with your sweet babe in!

It makes me all emotional inside!

Moving on.


The adjustability of the AnoonA is really wonderful–you could buy this carrier and never need another. A carrier that fits a child from newborn to toddlerhood without attachments is invaluable! What makes this even better is how easy it is to adjust. As a mom of 3 kids under 4, I can tell you first hand how my patience is often hanging by a thread. While I am out and about, I do NOT want to spend time and precious energy adjusting my carrier. I made a video to show the different adjustments and show how fantastically easy they are to work.

On top of adjusting to the size of your babe, you also have five carries to choose from. I have pictured all of them below except the newborn carry.

Front Facing Out
Back Carry
Hip Carry
Front Carry


I didn’t carry my babies facing out very often until my third. It is still not my go to carry, but I have found there are certain circumstances in which I do enjoy it, like when we go to the park, ocean, zoo–anywhere that Harris is excited to look at something new. I enjoy watching his reaction as he looks head on into a new view to soak in. Babies are constantly changing, and this carrier can adapt right along with them. Harris is always changing his mind on how he likes to be worn; how he likes to sleep in the carrier; how he likes to be in the carrier for long periods of time. I have found AnoonA to be a great fit to no matter the circumstance! It’s not just him, though–I like to change up how I wear him. If I happen to put him in an outfit that actually matches, you can bet your bottom dollar that I am going face that boy out!

The front carry allows you to have two different strap options:

Look & Feel

AnoonA comes in 5 stunning different colors:

Beginners Guide to Soul's AnoonA 6

I’ve only seen “Leaf” (the green one) in person. That green, though… I’m normally a print girl, but I do find myself swooning at that deep, rich color!

I really dislike bulky and/or heavy carriers; they tend to dig into my hips and it makes it uncomfortable. I appreciated the light weight of this woven carrier. The AnoonA’s side pockets are great for phones, toys, pacifiers.
The bottom snaps have popped on me a couple of times, but this is not a safety concern and can be avoided with proper adjustment.

Bottom Line

$90 plus shipping is an extremely affordable price considering all you can do with it!

I definitely recommend trying out this carrier – especially if you have a newborn. This versatile carrier is comfortable, beautiful, light weight, and easy to use.  Check it out from your local lending library or buy it directly from Soul!

Happy babywearing!



*I am a brand ambassador for Soul, but that has not altered my review for this carrier.

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