Travel Made Easy With Soul

Travel Made Easy With Soul

Almost a year ago, I moved across the country with my husband and kids. We moved away from our home town in North Carolina to California. I left behind family, friends, my home, and everything familiar. Last week, I headed back! My three kids, teenage sister, and I headed on a plane so I could be home for the holidays! I was nervous about traveling and overwhelmed. Soul had some helpful products that saved my sanity!

Storage Bags

Travel Made Easy With Soul

Soul is very passionate about Eco friendly packaging. They use extremely little plastic in their product shipments and I love this about them! Their packages in a cardboard box with each carrier protected in a cloth bag. These bags have multiple uses can be used for anything! The bags are great for traveling; in my suitcase I used them for my shoes, hair products, devices, and a little bag for my chargers.

Travel Made Easy With Soul 3

I also used it in my personal bag to keep my things organized. Diapers and wipes, baby snacks, big kid snacks, and toys each had their own bag. This was a life saver! I didn’t have to fumble around looking for a specific thing on the plane. Each bag has a drawstring, so nothing fell out. Organization does NOT come natural to me. This little baggies were a small step of organization that went a long way.

Day Bags

Soul’s day bag was perfect for my personal item on the flight. I was able to fit all the things mentioned above in one bag!

Travel Made Easy With Soul 2


What I loves most was the size of this bag. There was so much to carry already, plus the kids! I was going to be on two planes for 9 hours of traveling – I needed a lot to survive! I needed a bag that could carry a lot without being bulky. The bag was really deep which made it perfect. The straps were a great length – I could toss it across my shoulder without it digging into my shoulder and without it falling off my shoulder. It fit great under the plane seat too!


It took me DAYS to pack. I am going to be home for 5 weeks! Let me tell you: packing with 2 toddlers and a baby is quite difficult.  Harris could win an Olympic race for crawling, so that means he is into everything! I caught him in the toilet last week! Ew. The only way I could get anything done was by tossing him up in a wrap.

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Once we were finally off to the airport, my journey had begun. I had to wrangle three kids through security and get to my gate! My sister was a tremendous help, but we only had so many hands to get through the chaos of security. I wore Ellie in an onbuhimo my back and Harris in a standard buckle front. I really love the onbuhimo because it doesn’t have a waist belt! That gave me so much more flexibility. I was able to make it into the parking lot, check my bags, and make  through security easily!

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Soft Souls

Travel Made Easy With Soul 5

These soft souls are so soft and warm! I love them because they actually stay on his feet! They have special sherpa insole for ultra-soft cushioning and are made of soft and pliable faux suede that grips and stretches – easily making them fit well and comfortably. Harris is constantly kicking off his shoes and socks; when he crawls, everything always falls off! I will not travel without them!

My kids are constantly surprising with their patience as we travel. We only had a handful of meltdowns which is a huge success! Traveling is a new experience for me and I’m realizing how some of the stress can sometimes be eliminated. Organization, babywearing, tablets, and layovers have all proven to be life savers! We made it safe and happy! The joy of spend the holidays in my home town with the people I love makes my heart swell! Happy holidays and safe travels everyone!





**I am a Soul ambassador, but the contents of this post reflect my honest and unbiased opinions.

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