First Camping Trip of 2018

First Camping Trip of 2018

Last weekend, we made a last-second plan to go camping! It was a great way to start off the year. We loaded our gear and headed to the one and only BigSur. We had been once before as a day trip, but we really enjoyed the experience of an over night-camping trip.

I love how much the kids enjoy camping – it makes me want to go every weekend. Harris has just started walking, which makes camping exciting for him too. To top it all off, my sister, Ashley, is here for a month. I want to show her all the beauty Norcal has to offer!

Camping in the bay area can be challenging… We are so close to so many amazing outdoor places, but weekends are always booked. Most of the time, you have to book 6 months in advance!  We found a great campground, but were very hesitant to book it due to the $85 a night price tag. We held off on the booking and decided to check out the state parks to see if anyone had left early. We pulled up to see a big sign reading “Campground Full”. Ack! Josh decided to ask anyway. We got lucky – two campers left early! A few of my favorite things about the trip:

Highway One

There is a reason why Highway One is famous: it’s beautiful! Half of the drive to Big Sur is right up against the ocean. You look out your window to see waves crashing on rocks below. If you can catch a sunset on the highway, it is nothing short of dreamy!


Reaching up to 350ft, redwood trees are one of my favorite things about California. Every time I see them, I am left breathless. They grow on a narrow strip only 500 miles long from Oregon to Big Sur. Big Sur is furthest point south at which you can visit these beautiful trees.


The Ocean

The water is so blue and the beaches are stunning. Big Sur holds the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen here. The dramatic cliffs make your jaw drop. McWay Falls is a must see – an 80ft. waterfall, spilling right onto the beach. We also went to a beach with PURPLE SAND!

Harris playing in the purple sand
I’m maybe too excited about the sand being purple..

The Trails

Big Sur is a small town with no cell phone signal. It is very undeveloped. There are so many state parks and hiking trails; I have only been to a few, but they were great, even though having kids limits us to the shorter ones. I’m looking forward to the kids getting older because there is so much to explore!

Big Sur has a little bit of everything.

The stars at night felt so close. Though camping can be chaotic, there is something about being outside under beautiful stars, next to tranquil trees, and breathing fresh air that makes the chaos and sleepless night worth it.

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  1. Wonderful pictures of my favorite people. When Grandma Kitten is able to travel, we will need to go camping. She only requires a tub and hot water 🙂 !

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