A Tired Momma’s Guide: Laundry

A Tired Momma’s Guide: Laundry

Am I the only one who struggles with Mount Laundry? I intentionally leave my laundry on the couch to encourage me to do it. Unfortunately, I end up sitting on top of it and and relaxing instead of actually do it. Of course, when people come over the laundry moves to the bed, then back to the couch, then on the floor, then back into the washer because I can’t tell what’s clean and what’s dirty. Here is my laundry process.

Step One: Wait Until the Laundry Pile is the Size of a Mountain

A Tired Momma's Guide: Laundry

I do all laundry in one day. I make sure to wash every thing I own so my clean clothes pile comes up to my chest.

Step Two: Find Motivation

I get so overwhelmed by the mountain that I have to find something to help inspire me. Ice cream, movies, music, whatever I can reward myself with after my task is done!

Step Three: Begin Folding

A Tired Momma's Guide: Laundry 3

I make my beautiful piles folded neatly and stacked high!

Step Four: Avoid The Helpers

Note: Pictures are not staged

A Tired Momma's Guide: Laundry 4

A Tired Momma's Guide: Laundry 5

I watch as my beautiful piles are completely destroyed by the sweet offspring.

Repeat Steps Three and Four 500 Times

Each time I cry a little more

The Finally Step

I break open my ice cream early and save the laundry for another day. Honestly, folding the laundry is my biggest challenge. It is mundane, bores me to death, and I can’t focus on it. At this point, I just sit on it top of it all and call it my throne. Have you learned any tips doing laundry with young children? Leave me a comment below!

A Tired Momma's Guide: Laundry 6

4 thoughts on “A Tired Momma’s Guide: Laundry

  1. Folding party with your friend! And watching Netflix while the babes are napping! I cannot tell you how many episodes it takes to get me through the weeks loads! Love these post Summer!

  2. I put it on the bed and make myself fold before bedtime. Today I gave the girls some of theirs and had them fold it. Reminding every 2 minutes. Threatening to take away toys if they didn’t get it done. Finally, success! Now if I could just get them to put away the ones I folded and left in a neat stack on the table…

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